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  Established in Langham Norfolk UK. in 1984

the Wiccan Store

Wizards End, the Wiccan Store was established in 1984 in Langham Norfolk. We are practicing pagan wiccans, having been initiated into a hereditary group as High Priest and Priestess twentythree years ago, in the Northwest of England. We are fortunate to know many of our suppliers personally and can therefore ensure that you may shop with confidence at Wizards End, the store that understands the needs of the wicca.

  Pirate Shirts  Medieval Clothing

Take a look at our large range of medieval / pirate shirts, comfortable to wear and generously cut. The are available in a range of colours and materials. The natural and white coloured cotton ones make them ideal for re-enactment events. Designed to wear loose, they are available in sizes to fit up to 54"chest. 

Special offer on Cloaks - Discounted Prices

Take advantage of our special prices for wiccan cloaks, limited time only. A range of styles. Velvet cloaks  Lined cloaks  sexy cloaks and heavy cotton cloaks and colours ranging from natural cotton to rich velvet. Available in both lined  and unlined versions. New in Wiccan store, Goth and Pagan Clothing. Witch skirts, velvet tops and a beautiful range of fringed shawls in bejewelled colours and black.


Craft tools and accessories

We are very proud of our range of Serpentine stone pentacles/pentagrams. Commisioned by us they are handcarved from one piece of stone. Available in working size, designs. They are also available in a smaller version as a talismanic size.

Also inside the store find our special blends of hand made incenses which can be used either indoors or outside. A selection ranging from the evocative Merlins Mist to the Spiritual Woodland Fantasy.

Handmade Skin Creams

 Carefully hand made by us, here at Wizards End, this selection of natural moisturising skin creams are used to help a number of dry skin condions. Made entirely from natural ingriedients and only tested on humans, we have a loyal following of these natural skin creams who return time and time again. For a different way of shaving try our new shaving oil, (unique to us) which not gives a comfortable shave (for both girls and boys) but also enables the blades to last much longer.


Wizards End (UK)

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